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Momma's Meal: A Tribute to Mothers

What is your favorite “Momma’s Meal”? That meal only your mother can cook. The one you request whenever the opportunity presents itself. The one no one else can match. The one that makes you want to shout, dance, and clap your hands. Can you smell it? Can you taste it? There are many wonders in this world, but there’s just something about a home-cooked meal from Momma. Do I have a witness?

Maybe you consider your mother to be the best cook in the world or maybe you don’t. But, can you agree that mom did her best? Sure, she didn’t know how to prepare dishes representative of every continent and island nation (or maybe she did). But, she knew how to put something edible in front of you. No, she wouldn’t win an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, but she was the undisputed champion in your kitchen. Yes, you and I have had our fair share of leftovers, but aren’t you thankful Momma prepared enough for tomorrow’s dinner, too? No, she didn’t throw down every night, but when she did, she did!

In Proverbs 31:10-31, King Solomon pulls on the nostalgic affection many have for their mothers and invites us to reminisce on those down home moments, when our mothers spent hours in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. She mastered the art of cooking while singing and praying. She mixed four pots while carrying two babies: one on her arm and the other in her womb. She cleaned while she cooked, returning spices and unused dishes to their respective places. She graded our homework while washing the greens and addressed our tears while baking a pound cake. When you opened the pantry and saw nothing, she opened the same and saw potential. Two cans of this mixed with three cups of that miraculously fed a family.

And just who is Momma anyway? Answers will vary. Momma is the one who carried, delivered, and reared you. Momma is Aunty, Grandma, or Nana who stepped in and raised you after your biological mother passed. Momma may not be a relative at all, but she made sure you were had a meal to eat. This weekend, some are on their way to Momma’s house for another delectable dining experience. Others can only pray for the day when they will dine with Momma again. Whoever you are, aren’t you grateful for Momma’s Meal?

“…she provides food for her family…” Proverbs 31:15

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