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Take Time to Say Thank You

Tonight, I felt impressed to call one of my childhood children's choir directors. At first, she did not recognize my voice. As I began reciting lyrics from songs of yesteryear, she exclaimed, "Richard!!" The joy and surprise in her voice nearly brought me to tears.

Memories are funny. Although I've grown older, in my mind I still see her as she was way back then. She told me she will be 80 years old in May. Wow.

As a young man, the fragility of life is often underestimated. Too often, persons have passed away before I thought to offer a meaningful "Thank You!" Can you relate? I'm grateful for tonight's 15 minute conversation. Even if she lives for another 20 years (and I wouldn't mind), I am grateful for the chance to express gratitude.

I challenge you to find the number of someone who has planted seeds in your life that are now blossoming. Call them and tell them how you feel. Trust me, you will not regret it. Blessings.

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