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Dream Big

When is the last time you dreamed big?

I'm reading a book called "How Google Works" by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenburg. The forward is written by Google Cofounder and CEO, Larry Page.

Commenting on the idea of Creative Innovation, Page says,

"Over time I've learned, surprisingly, that it's tremendously hard to get teams to be super ambitious. It turns out most people haven't been educated in this kind of moonshot thinking. They tend to assume things are impossible, rather than starting from real-world physics and figuring out what's actually possible. It's why we've put so much energy into hiring independent thinkers at Google, and setting big goals. Because if you hire the right people and have big enough dreams, you'll usually get there. And even if you fail, you'll probably learn something important."


One of the leading tech companies prides itself on hiring people who are not afraid to dream big. What about you? When is the last time you dreamed big? This year, I'm dreaming big and learning along the way. I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery, pursuit, and achievement. We may find out that what we thought was impossible...wasn't.

For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37

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